Welcome to our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report

For NEXT, corporate responsibility (CR) means addressing key business-related social, ethical and environmental impacts in a way that aims to bring value to all our stakeholders, including our shareholders.

Looking back over the year, we have made steady progress and this year’s report illustrates how the focus areas of our CR programme support our business approach of acting responsibly whilst we continue to grow.

Continuous improvement lies at the heart of our business. The measures we employ to manage our operation ensures everything we do is aligned to our business aims to realise the full market potential of our brand and develop our business effectively, successfully and responsibly by:

  • Acting in an ethical manner
  • Developing positive relationships with our suppliers
  • Taking care of our employees
  • Being responsible for our impact on the environment
  • Delivering support through charitable contributions
  • Delivering value to our customers

NEXT faces similar CR challenges to many other major retailers as we continue to operate in a challenging commercial environment. CR is not only an ethical issue; it is a strategic one too. Our business values need to be evident in everything we do and we are committed to develop our business to be both sustainable and responsible. We must act fairly and responsibly across the whole of our business, as it is not only the right thing to do, but we believe it makes good business sense too. We are working within an increasingly complex set of issues that impact on our business, our customers, the suppliers we trade with, the environment and the communities in which we operate. We believe we are making good progress, trading responsibly, reducing our impact on the environment and being a great employer. In a world where natural resources are becoming scarcer and energy and commodity costs are rising, it is essential we operate as efficiently as possible. We know we will have more challenges in the future.

Our business takes the long term view of what is right. This approach has driven our continuous investment in tackling environmental challenges and our work to achieve positive development in the challenging areas of social compliance.

During 2013, whilst NEXT has continued to grow, we are encouraged with the progress we are making across our environmental targets which are significant challenges for a growing business as we have been able to reduce our carbon emissions, improve the efficiency of our vehicles and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill. Please see the Environment section for more details on our progress to date.

Our CR programme touches on some big issues that are significant to how we do business, and we aim to be honest, open and balanced in our CR reporting. I hope you find our report interesting, informative and useful, and we hope we have met your expectations in the way we run NEXT as a responsible business.

David Keens
Group Finance Director
29th August 2014

Our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report is available here

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