Our people


full time equivalent (FTE) employees


company pension scheme members


of Board, subsidiary directors and senior managers are female

To encourage a successful business it is important we are able to create a safe and healthy environment which enables us to attract and retain the right people to work at every level throughout NEXT who are committed to working together, and who support our business approach of honesty, respect and encouragement.


Working at NEXT means working in an inspiring, fast-paced, exciting and developing environment where our people are a valuable asset to the business. We are committed to providing a working environment in which our employees can develop to achieve their full potential and have opportunities for both professional and personal development.

Our priorities are to work to provide an environment where our employees are:

  • Supported and respected
  • Treated fairly and taken care of
  • Listened to
  • Motivated to achieve their full potential

We remain committed to investing the time and resource to support, engage and motivate our employees to feel valued, to be able to develop rewarding careers and want to stay with us. We recruit and promote from within wherever possible. We understand that by retaining and inspiring effective and committed employees we can continue to deliver excellent quality products and excellent service to our customers.

NEXT recognises the importance of health and safety and we remain committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, customers and contractors. Our operational approach is that good management of health and safety is fundamental in creating a safe and healthy environment, and contributes to improving our business performance. All aspects of our business are closely managed to ensure our activities and products do not harm or pose unacceptable risks to our customers, employees, contractors, sites or equipment.


We are an equal opportunities employer and will continue to ensure that we offer career opportunities without discrimination.

FTE Employees

  Full-time equivalents
  2014 2013
NEXT Retail and Directory 25,457 24,618
NEXT International 157 164
NEXT Sourcing 3,642 3,573
Other activities 213 213
Total FTE employees 29,469 28,568

Gender Mix

  2014 2013
  Males Females Males Females
Directors of NEXT plc 7 3 8 3
Subsidiary directors and other senior managers 29 15 29 13
Total employees 15,447 32,115 15,929 34,138

Health and Safety

  Total accident rate RIDDOR accident rate
  2014 2013 2014 2013
Employees in retail stores/ 100,000 hrs worked A 14.99 13.68 0.19 0.20
Customers in retail stores/100,000 transactions A 2.77 2.37 0.02 0.03
Employees in warehouses/100,000 hrs worked A 6.19 6.38 0.62 0.46
Employees in regional service centres/ 100,000 hrs worked A 4.17 4.44 0.34 0.42

A indicates the data has been assured by PwC.


Safety Objectives

At the beginning of 2015 we relaunched our Company Safety Policy and safety objectives for 2015-2017. Our aim is to improve the safety and wellbeing of all our employees, through the introduction of simple building blocks which will

  • Improve involvement in safety at all levels
  • Improve the way we recognise hazards and reduce risk
  • Help people to provide safe equipment, environment and premises
  • Create a progressive safety culture

Health, Welfare and Wellbeing

During the year we have funded just under £1.3m on health and welfare provisions across the business, to provide help and support to our employees when they need it. The provisions include:

  • Health insurance assessments
  • Occupational health provision
  • Professional counselling support
  • Dedicated employee assistance programme in our Distribution division

At Head Office we run regular Wellbeing days in connection with the local primary care trust and other providers to offer guidance and support on a wide variety of matters such as cancer advice, stroke awareness, stop smoking support, employee health checks and nutrition advice.

Training and Development

Our integrated training teams ensure relevant and appropriate training and development is provided by supporting both job specific and individually tailored training.

In our Distribution division working with USDAW we run dedicated Life Long Learning centres in each of our main warehouse sites to support the continuous building of knowledge and skills. During the year 500 employees have completed courses in Maths, English, ICT, Skill Swaps and Creative Writing. We are opening additional centres during 2015.

Human Rights Development

NEXT is committed to upholding all basic human rights, as outlined by the United Nations. Respecting human rights is vital to us as an employer and responsible business partner. During 2014 we carried out an initial risk assessment of potential human rights impacts across our business. We looked at the activities of our own direct operations and those of our UK and overseas partners. We identified a number of areas such as labour rights in our supply chain (see Our Suppliers). Where NEXT employees are based in countries with recognised concerns over human and labour rights as determined by the FTSE4Good Index, employees are specifically required to comply with the Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Core Conventions and receive regular training to ensure their understanding of these principles.

Challenges and Targets
  • To continue to train and develop our people to achieve their full potential
  • To work within the business to deliver our Corporate Safety Objectives Programme 2015 -2017
  • To develop and prioritise our approach to human rights further