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Our aim is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of Next as a company and the products we sell by ensuring our products are:

  • Excellent quality
  • Safe, functional and fit for their intended purpose
  • Sourced and produced responsibly
  • Free from harmful substances
  • Fully compliant with all legislation and our own standards and technical requirements where these go beyond legislation


Our team of specialist technologists is responsible for ensuring all products sold by Next are safe and comply with relevant consumer legislation and work closely with our suppliers to provide expert guidance so the right materials are chosen to manufacture high quality, durable products in factories with robust safety procedures.

Next products must not contain chemicals which could be harmful to our customers, the workers who make our products or the environment, so we have a strict Restricted Substances Standard which states the limits of chemicals used in or during the manufacture of our products.

We source products from over 40 countries, and those products are made up from a large variety of raw materials and our aim is to ensure these materials are sourced and produced responsibly and sustainably.

Challenges and Targets

Continue to work with our supply base to help them understand and develop improved traceability and visibility of the entire supply chain across our principal raw materials.