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Tonnes diverted from landfill through furniture donations

With 539 stores in the United Kingdom and Ireland, we offer support to a wide range of charities and organisations of all sizes, by working to provide them with donations that are of most benefit to them and their particular cause, whether it be a financial donation, or the offer of products that can be used to realise additional funding.


Our aim is to make a difference, so we do not support a single “Charity of the Year”, as we believe we can make a greater impact by working with a wider group of charities and organisations. We also agree to support charities for a number of years with a specified annual donation. This commitment helps these charities plan their work with confidence.

Our priorities are to:

  • Support charities and organisations of all sizes with a donation that is of most benefit to them
  • Focus our resources on charitable projects that benefit communities across the UK and Ireland
  • Identify and develop new relationships with charities and organisations

To ensure we can measure and monitor our overall community investment, we calculate the value of our non-financial contributions gained from products donated from within the business. This figure is added to our financial contributions, to arrive at the total sum contributed for the year.

Our charity and sponsorship programme is made up of donations to:

  • Registered charities of all sizes supporting children, care for the sick and people with disabilities, healthcare, medical research and community support
  • Individual requests from local and national groups and organisations that do not have charitable status
  • Commercial support and sponsorship

NEXT plc has offered financial support to:

2014 2013
Registered charities 1,003,484 944,986
Individual requests, local and national groups and organisations 182,713 114,829
Commercial support and sponsorship 74,599 119,839
This support has been complemented with the following fundraising activities to generate additional funds for registered charities, individuals, groups or organisations:
NEXT charity events 279,233 34,323
Gift in kind – donations of products 1,441,658 1,613,233
Charity link sales 352,878 363,007
Total Support A 3,334,565 3,190,217
Employee fundraising 53,820 36,904
Total support including employee fundraising 3,388,385 3,227,121

A indicates the data has been assured by PwC.


NEXT Charity Event

The NEXT Charity Ball raised £279,233 for the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE), the world’s leading youth achievement award, giving millions of 14-24 year-olds in communities across the UK the support to develop their confidence and skills for life and work. For every £1 donated DofE are able to return £7 in time volunteered by young people in their communities, so our donation translates into young people returning £1.96m back as well as developing their work-ready skills.


Another area in which we’re pleased to report progress is in collaboration on creative ways of diverting waste from landfill while helping the community.

As part of the target to divert our waste from being sent to landfill, we have continued to identify and divert products that previously would have been disposed of via landfill, and offer them for re-use to a group of registered charities and social enterprise organisations who can create value from the products to benefit their aims.

For example we have been able to offer unsellable, damaged furniture to Doncaster Refurnish, enabling this social enterprise charity to create £456,600 to help fund its charitable work and provide:

  • 82 training work placements for the long-term unemployed
  • 11 special educational placements for people with learning difficulties
  • Educational activities to support 14 students under 16 years old
  • Access to products for educational programmes at 14 schools and community groups
  • Support for 460 children through “Spirit of Christmas” where Refurnish promotes the benefits of CR

Through this collaboration, during the year NEXT has been able to divert 457 tonnes of waste from landfill for reuse by the charity. We are pleased with the continued success of our partnership.

Challenges and Targets
  • Work with charitable organisations to identify value they are able to realise from products NEXT can no longer use. This initiative supports both our community focus and our environment targets of waste reduction and landfill diversion
  • Work to encourage employee engagement with charitable causes