Code of practice

As a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative, Next works hard to pursue a code of ethical standards throughout its global supply chain, seeking to ensure the integrity of any product carrying the Next trademark and the welfare of all workers involved.

Next identifies and engages with suppliers whose practices are consistent with our own code of ethical standards. Through our international audit team we work closely with our suppliers to help them achieve compliance.

There are 10 key principles to our Code of Practice:

  • No forced labour
  • Freedom of association
  • Healthy and safe working conditions
  • No child labour
  • Lawful wages and benefits
  • Lawful working hours
  • Equal opportunities
  • Employment security
  • Respectful treatment of employees
  • Effective management systems

For more information, please read a summary of our Code of Practice or take a look at the Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code, to which Next's Code of Practice is aligned.

Code of Practice Policy