Results for the Year to January 2014

NEXT has had another good year, achieving 5.4% growth in sales and 11.8% growth in underlying profit before tax.  Strong cash generation enabled us to buy back 3.8% of shares outstanding without increasing financial leverage which, along with a lower tax rate, resulted in earnings per share growing much faster than profits.

Financial highlights are as follows:

  • Sales £3,740m, up 5.4% 
  • Profit before tax £695m, up 11.8%
  • Profit after tax £553m, up 16.9%
  • Net cash inflow £272m, before £296m share buybacks 
  • Earnings per share 366.1p, up 23% 
  • Full year ordinary dividends 129p, up 23%
  • 50p per share special dividends announced for 2014

During the year £296m was returned to shareholders through share buybacks, in addition to ordinary dividends. For 2014 three special 50p dividends have been announced; the first was paid in February, the second was paid in May and the third will be paid in August.


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