Next carbon footprint reduced by


since 2007

Electricity consumption reduced by


since 2007



operational waste diverted from landfill

We recognise our responsibility and obligation to work to reduce the direct impact of its business operations on the natural environment, both now and in the future. Reducing emissions is the right thing for a responsible business to do, and our aim is to create more sustainable ways of doing business to conserve energy, save money and help to delivery better resource efficiency.


Our priority is to minimise our environmental impacts by reducing both the carbon intensity of our activities and the natural resources we use, through the development and operation of good business practices:

  • Improve energy efficiency and work to reduce energy use in our buildings
  • Minimise waste produced and increase the quantity recycled in our business
  • Increase the efficiency of our owned delivery fleet
Challenges and Targets

To work to deliver the new reduction targets to 2020 for energy and waste, and identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of our owned delivery fleet.