Our customers and products

Our Approach

Our aim is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations of Next as a company and the products we sell by providing:

Exciting, beautifully designed, excellent quality clothing and homeware

Delivering to our Brand values means Next products should be well made, functional, safe and free from harmful chemicals sourced and produced responsibly. We are committed to ensuring no-one should be harmed when our products are being made or whilst they are being used. Through these values, we work to attract, retain and develop relationships with our customers to build their trust and confidence in our reputation for quality, price and service.

Our priorities are to ensure:

  • The quality of our products
  • Our products are safe and fit for their intended purpose
  • Our products fully comply with all legislation and our own standards where these go beyond legislative requirements
  • Our products are sourced in a responsible manner

Next is committed to operating a responsible and successful business. We aim to provide a high level of service to all our customers to welcome them to Next, whether they are shopping in our high street, shopping centre or retail park stores, the Next Directory, or on line through our website. However our customers choose to shop with us, it must be safe, welcoming and easily accessible for all.

Our Challenges and Targets

  • Continue to work with our supply base to help them understand and develop improved traceability and visibility of the entire supply chain across a number of product categories
  • Continue to identify products within our ranges to determine the opportunity to develop reduced packaging methods

The full section Our Customers is available here.

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